Better Code Quality in Open-LIMS

6th January 2011 22:58 by Webmaster

Our main goal – in case of source code - is a better code quality of Open-LIMS. To achieve this goal, we will introduce the following topics:

  • Loose coupling and dependencies of subsystems
    • Event Handler
    • Possibility of Extensions
    • Clear layered architecture of subsystems
  • Usage of exceptions
  • Better JavaScript scripts and usage of jQuery

In detail:

It is important for developers to work on well structured and high-quality source-code. In the current situation the modules are strongly coupled. Nearly every module requires another one. To be able to extend the source code or to re-use parts of it, the modules must be loose coupled. We will soon publish a small blog article, containing details.

Furthermore, each module should throw its own exception. The exception could be caught by the I/O logic that evokes the right behaviour. We will include module-specific exceptions in Open-LIMS later on.

The GUI-quality has to be improved by the usage of jQuery. Our development focus is to write working Software with LIMS specific features, it is impossible for us to create complex JavaScript parts without a framework. But JavaScript and the AJAX technology enables a better usage of any web-application. We think that jQuery is the appropriate JavaScript Framework to get fast and working JavaScript and AJAX in Open-LIMS. Moreover, jQuery is a GPL and MIT licensed framework and supports the Open-Source idea.

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